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Welcome to Real Fit TV. If your tired of over hyped products out there and you want to know the real truth about fat burning, muscle building and peak fitness, then please enjoy our site. We welcome any comments or feed back.

We are Lynn and Mike.
For years we have struggled with our weight.
We tried every goofy gadget, hyped up weight loss diet,
expensive pills, potions and powders and nothing worked.
We tried everything and we mean “Everything!” and nothing worked.

We finally decided that we were going to take control of our health
and went on a quest to get into the best shape of our lives.
This is where RealFitTV.com come in.
We are dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

What’s in it for us.
To offset some of our costs of maintaining the site
some of the links on this site are connected to the affiliate
ecosystem. We pledge that this will not affect the quality
of the information that we provide.

Our mission is to provide honest and helpful information to
our guests.

You can also write us at”
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23636 Big Sky Walk
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Enjoy your visit.
Mike and Lynn