Outdoor Stair Climbing

Do you want a great outdoor cardio exercise that also gives you nice legs?

Check out this great video from Darin Steen.

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Climbing stairs outdoors is a great way to burn fat.  You are outside breathing great air.

There are multiple exercises that you can do.  You will build up your legs as well as doing high intensity cardio.

A lot of gym goers assume that the stair climbing machines are a great way to burn fat.  Even though they are

adequate, they are no match for doing the real thing.  Climbing stairs outside burns more fat, gets you outside

and allows you to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Hard Core Workouts

Are you looking do get that great mid section? Well are you “Hard Core” enough to go for it? Check out

This video from Fat Loss Lifestyle mentor Darin Steen.

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These are great core workouts for your abdominal muscles and an incredible cardio workout as well.


1.  Less Calories
2.  Quality Calories
3.  Small Meals Often
4.  Cycle Your Carbs

This video explains the basic trick you need to burn fat faster…

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Shoulder and Traps Video

Is your upper body lacking symmetry? It could be that your shoulders and trap muscles

are lacking some definition. This video from Fat Loss Lifestyle mentor Darin Steen will

show you the most effective exercise to build your deltoids and trapezoids.

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Push Ups and Weight Loss

Push Ups and Weight Loss video.

Back from my military days there was one thing that I remember the most.
That was when my drill sergeant put us in the front leaning rest postion.
That meant we were about to do a whole lot of push ups.  Push ups are probably
the best upper body workout that you can accomplish with in an alotted time frame.
Many fitness standards are based upon the number of push ups that you can do.
Check out this video. Where do you stand on the push up scale?

Darin Steen is a fitness and fat loss consultant and Author of the Fat Loss Life Style.

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push ups