Best Food To Eat Before You Exercise?

Ever wonder what is the best food to eat before you exercise?
This article might surprise you.
What Should You Eat Before You Exercise?
by Jon Benson, Fitness Consultant and Author of the Every Other Day Diet

One of the most common questions I get asked is:”What should I eat before my workouts if I want to get rid of
body fat?”

The answer?


I’ve been saying this for almost a decade now… and research
is catching up with the idea.

It’s nice to be right. : )

Several studies now confirm that exercising while your body is
low on food may be a good way to trim excess fat.

European researchers found that cyclists who trained without
eating burned significantly more fat than their counterparts
who ate. Now, this is important: Cycling requires a LOT of
energy. Far more energy than you need to get rid of body fat.

Working out with weights and doing moderate to intense (but
short) cardio will take care of 99% of your needs when it
comes to fat burning.

But with weights, and especially with the cyclists that were
tested, performance may be an issue.

In fact the members of the group of cyclists that didn’t eat
performed worse on the intensive training. Still, they burned
a higher proportion of fat to carbohydrates than the group
that ate. (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the
journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.)

Why? Simple. Your body’s blood sugar is lowest in the morning
prior to eating. When you train, moderately or with intensity,
most of your fuel comes from your body fat and NOT ingested
carbs. Isn’t that cool?

Which would you rather burn… body fat or carbs?

Yeah, me too. : )

About performance:  I have found that my performance only
suffers slightly when fasting and training for the first few
weeks. After that my performance increases. The body starts to
burn its own body fat far more efficiently so I find I have
PLENTY of energy.

This was not a lone study on fasting and training. In a 2008
study, Hespel and colleagues tested the effects on men who did
endurance training without eating versus those who ate. In the
athletes who hadn’t eaten, the researchers found a spike in
the amount of proteins needed to process fat, meaning their
bodies had been primed through fasting to get rid of more
body fat.

So, now you know the answer to the old question: “What should
I eat before training?”

Nothing… or as little as possible.

Yours In Fitness,

J O N   B E N S O N
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3 Tricks To Suppress Your Appetite

Do you find yourself incredibly hungry when you are on a diet?  Check this out.
Jon Benson just sent me a killer email describing 3 easy ways to curb your appetite.
This is eye-opening… I posted this on the site….so enjoy!

3 Tricks To Suppress Your Appetite.


—————————— —–|


“Favorite Foods” Diet plan Diagram:
Every Other Day Diet <== click.

Link Article Go ==>:  “3 Reasons Diet plans Fail YOU”:


—————————— —–|

Another good article appeared today in the fitness section of MSNBC.

Since you’re busy, I’ll do a quick summary of the article — the good
stuff, the bad stuff, and what you need to do today to get started…

First, you need to know this…

And this will probably shock you…

Rarely, if EVER, do you need to suppress your appetite!

The real secret is to increase your metabolism… the rate at which
your body uses food for fuel.

Then being hungry is a good thing… as long as you’re eating the right
foods at the right time.

Jon Benson’s “Favorite Foods” plan is a great way to do this…

Every Other Day Diet <== click.

But let’s say you want to curb your appetite at night…. that’s the
time most people really lose it on a dietplan. Even on a plan that
ASKS you to eat frequently like mine, there are times where
night-time cravings need to be put to sleep.

So use these tips from the article to ease the urge to eat at night:

1. Protein First

As Jon stresses in his diet plan, “Rise and shine with protein.”  But
what does this have to do with night-time cravings?


Set the body up to use your own fat-stores for fuel by eating protein
in the morning and your appetite FOR fatty foods goes way down during
the day and the night. Protein is “thermogenic”, meaning it helps
increase your metabolism. It also acts as a natural appetite regulator.

Notice I said “regulator” and not “suppressant.” That’s because you
only need to regulate your appetite, no matter how much bodyfat you
desire to drop.

Jon explains more here:

Every Other Day Diet <== click.

Cool, right?

2. Go For The Grapefruit

In a study at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at the
Scripps Clinic in San Diego, people who ate half a grapefruit with each
meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds in three months. That doesn’t sound
like a lot (and it isn’t) but that’s ALL they changed.

It doesn’t matter for our purposes… we want to lower insulin at
night. Why? Insulin is not only dangerous for your health in excess but
it also can cause a LOT of fat storage if secreted too much at night.
Enter the lowly grapefruit.

A great snack, especially if you have a few bites of lean protein
with it.

3. Smell This!

This is a trick I didn’t know about until recently.

Smelling food can trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten.

A recent study found that those who inhaled peppermint in scent form
every 2 hours at (get this) 2700 calories LESS per week than they
normally did.

Let me put that in perspective:  That’s a fatloss of more than half a
pound a week… from sniffing peppermint!

Vanilla also works. You can keep vanilla-scented drops or even candles
around the office and take a wiff every few hours.

How easy is that?


The Bad Part

The MSNBC article goes on with advice like “eat potatoes” and “eat just
a little bit of fat”, both of which are nonsense.

Potatoes may fill you up, but they are still starch – and starch should
be consumed on your “off” days.

Potatoes are especially bad due to the higher-than-desired glycemic
index of 85 (anything over 50 is too high.)

You also need dietary fat… and not just “a little.” You need a
moderate amount to stay healthy and keep insulin regulated.

Olive oil and even coconut oil are excellent sources, as are naturally
occurring fats in fresh fish, grass-fed beef, farm-raised chicken and
whole eggs.

The rest of the article is common sense stuff:  Workout, eat dense food
that requires you to chew a lot (tire out the jaw muscles and you
naturally eat less), etc.

The top 3 are the real winners.


Mike and Lynn

P.S.  You may be wondering, “How do you eat your favorite foods (like
pizza or burgers) and still stay so fit?”

The answer is here:

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P.P.S.  I found another really good article you may want to check out
as well. It’s all about how diet plans fail YOU… and this may do more
than relieve some “guilt” you might have over the start/stop dieting
so many of us have gone through.

Read it here:

3 Reasons Diets Fail You <== click.

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