1.  Less Calories
2.  Quality Calories
3.  Small Meals Often
4.  Cycle Your Carbs

This video explains the basic trick you need to burn fat faster…

Darin Steen is a Fat Loss Lifestyle Mentor specializing in getting people
into peak condition but mentally and physically. If you would like more
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  1. Hi
    i have been suffering from my hips sience i can remember.would you help me burn them? i can add this point that the time is not important for does not matter how long it takes to burn the fats but i don’t want to have them back again.i have tried many ways and most of them helped me alot but just for a short period of can i get rid of them forever?



    Real Fit TV Reply:

    Hello Arezou,

    If you are asking me how to get rid of fat on your hips, the best way is to follow a system similar to the one described in the video above. There is no scientific way to spot reduce. I think this is what you are asking. Follow a plan that includes a proper nutritious plan, resistance training and effective cardiovascular exercise. Hope this helps.
    By the way, Darin Steen has a great program that will give you exactly what you are asking. For more information go to Darin’s Fat Loss Lifestyle


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