6 Strange Dietary Bedfellows


6 Strange Dietary Bedfellows by Giuseppe Santarpio


What do these six things have in common?

— Wendy’s
— Richard Hall
— Paleo Dieters
— Me
— Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors
— Soap Opera stars.

The Answer is…

All the above eat a low or no carbohydrate diet..

Did you know that a low carb diet has been accredited to reducing the number of seizures an epileptic child has?.

A large percentage of bodybuilders, fitness models, fitness celebrities follow a lean protein, low carb diet.

Even Wendy’s is jumping aboard.

Even Richard HALL lost 28 pounds.

Even the guy from ESPN.

I have done it.


Want to know more…


Why Low-Carbohydrate Diets  Works


When Wendy’s starts counting the glycemic level, you know they are jumping on a trend train or a trend.

Why are they doing it? Because it works…

It works because in most cases it’s the easiest eating plan to follow.

Wendy’s and stars like Godfrey Cambridge  figured this out. Busy people don’t have time to prepare five to six small meals.

Since I am not the most disciplined person in the world, I needed to simplify. I modeled lean people who use to be fat.

Most of them watch their carb intake.

If you studied how the  body processed fuel you can see why low carb diets work.

I grew up eating pasta and Italian bread. That makes for a delicious combination of fat and borborygmos activity.

You body is defensive against high sugar, high gluten and high carb diets.

The insulin that high carb diets produce can be very unhealthy.

When you remove carbs, even healthy carbs your body can adjust.

It’s odd, being Italian and having generations of Sunday lasagna and eggplant Parmesan can make you fat and lethargic.

You can’t keep doing that lifestyle.

In others, you should be a low carber for the rest of your life.

Another reality is…

Low carb diets are lower in calorie too.

To recap, low carb diets are:

— Easy and convenient;
— lower in insulein;
— Lower in  calories.

Ok…got it good….

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