Best Food To Eat Before You Exercise?

Ever wonder what is the best food to eat before you exercise?
This article might surprise you.
What Should You Eat Before You Exercise?
by Jon Benson, Fitness Consultant and Author of the Every Other Day Diet

One of the most common questions I get asked is:”What should I eat before my workouts if I want to get rid of
body fat?”

The answer?


I’ve been saying this for almost a decade now… and research
is catching up with the idea.

It’s nice to be right. : )

Several studies now confirm that exercising while your body is
low on food may be a good way to trim excess fat.

European researchers found that cyclists who trained without
eating burned significantly more fat than their counterparts
who ate. Now, this is important: Cycling requires a LOT of
energy. Far more energy than you need to get rid of body fat.

Working out with weights and doing moderate to intense (but
short) cardio will take care of 99% of your needs when it
comes to fat burning.

But with weights, and especially with the cyclists that were
tested, performance may be an issue.

In fact the members of the group of cyclists that didn’t eat
performed worse on the intensive training. Still, they burned
a higher proportion of fat to carbohydrates than the group
that ate. (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the
journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.)

Why? Simple. Your body’s blood sugar is lowest in the morning
prior to eating. When you train, moderately or with intensity,
most of your fuel comes from your body fat and NOT ingested
carbs. Isn’t that cool?

Which would you rather burn… body fat or carbs?

Yeah, me too. : )

About performance:  I have found that my performance only
suffers slightly when fasting and training for the first few
weeks. After that my performance increases. The body starts to
burn its own body fat far more efficiently so I find I have
PLENTY of energy.

This was not a lone study on fasting and training. In a 2008
study, Hespel and colleagues tested the effects on men who did
endurance training without eating versus those who ate. In the
athletes who hadn’t eaten, the researchers found a spike in
the amount of proteins needed to process fat, meaning their
bodies had been primed through fasting to get rid of more
body fat.

So, now you know the answer to the old question: “What should
I eat before training?”

Nothing… or as little as possible.

Yours In Fitness,

J O N   B E N S O N
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