Why Starving Yourself Makes You Fat

Why Starving Can Make You Fatter


If you think starving yourself will make you healthier, think again. This is what can happen to you:

1. Fat burning and fat releasing enzymes are stunted and suppressed.  These hormones are called lipase and lipoprotein lipase.

2. Less leptin is released from your cells, Leptin tricks your brain into thinking it’s stomach is full.

3. Your T3 Fat burning hormones crash.

4. You lose muscle. Your body starts wilting away your muscle. When you try and starve yourself your body starts eating away muscle. This is no good.

5. Your hypothalamus switches into an accelerated modd.  Your Appetite will rage out of control.

Bottom line: Your body’s hormones are wacked out of balance and you will become fatter.


Any program that’s extremely low in calories may work in the short term, but the “honeymoon” never lasts for long.

In the long run, very low calorie diets can actually make you fatter. Eventually, they lead to binge eating and weight re-gain and you end up with less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you started.

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